Goddess Athena De Sade


Sophisticaded High Class Dominatrix



Absolutely Fabulous


Dominatrix Athena De Sade

Innocent eyes to put you into confidence

before her deadly charmes throw you into full submission.

So beautiful, she make you crawl.

Blood on your skin, dripping with sin, she'll hit you again!




I'm dominatrix Athena De Sade, the world is my playground, and you are at the right place if you want to be my toy. I wield my beauty and wicked mind like a weapon, playfully squeezing enjoyment out of every ned conquest and victim: YOU!


How could you resist serving a high educated, beautiful and classy woman?! Wile haning on my words, you'll be taught the pleasure of serving me and your reward will be sensational.

My Dungeon, your doom


How about a session with a Goddess? Let's put it that way: how about a session during which all your senses, your body and your mind will endure an exciting frustrationn? My perfect body and my delightful voice will remind you that humiliation and beauty do exist at its purest. Don't be shy or scared. You know... I can be nice... Well depending on your behavior of course. The only thing that inspires me in you? Simply the way you should be treated. Your fantasies are now mine and you will be in good hands once in my temple.


Experienced or not, you may feel free to open yourself to me and I shall take you (possibly by the collar) to these dirty fantasies that burn in your naughty mind. From the moment you look at me, your submission will be at its fullest and my feet, my legs and my beautiful face shall be your new obsession. I control your desires and your emotions. The principles of lust are easy to understand and I'm here to tease you till the edge of pleasure... Mine not yours of course.


I've studies a lot what BDSM is all about. If you want to discuss about anything you'd like to experience or a scenario going through your mind, just ask and I'll be the right person to help you out!

And, oh, before I forget, any sexual interaction with the Mistress is out of question.



Anything exiting and breath taking coming trough your mind? Tell me all about it!

Instead of quivering with lust behind your desk, share your burning desire with your Mistress. I need to know you and your masochistic tendensies, in order to give you the adapted treatment.

I'll be listening to you carefully without judging, and when it comes to the session you hand yourself over to my experience.





Antwerp Centre, Belgium


Tel: 0032 (0)486 03 11 81



Goddess Athena De Sade is an exclusive, intellectual and exquisite dominatrix. Specialized in the fulfillment of all darkest fantasies, you will be welcomed in a discrete fully equipped dungeon in the heart of Antwerp.

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